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Palisade provides services for community events, personal protection, private functions, and businesses both large and small; providing armed and unarmed security services at a reasonable rate.


Palisade provides excellent one-on-one customer service with the fastest response time by management. Whether the customer requires a team or just one officer Palisade will help the client create solutions that fit their needs. Palisade will also help companies transition from failing security services that may currently be in place. We will assist in planning for your event and have open communications to detail your specific security needs.


Palisade will provide peace of mind for the client who requires guards for their facilities, and events by superior customer service and training for their employees. Our Guards are trained to neutralize situations such as handling intruders, physical confrontations, one man post assignments, securing vacant buildings, clearing a building at night, and entering the site where an alarm has been activated.


Palisade also gives back to our communities.  With the help of Project H.A.W.K, an outreach program, we help clothe and feed homeless and assist needy families in the Inland Empire.

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